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Hirco Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. is fully own by Mr. Siddharth A Sarkar Group of companies. Mr. Siddharth Sarkar is leading businessman in Pearl, Gem & Jewellery.

India is a very reach in terms of Gems & Jewellery and Indian people love to have pearls in their Jewellery. India is a one of a biggest consumer in terms of quantity in different type of Pearls.

This pearl testing laboratory is started to guide & authenticate Indian consumer about the quality and type of pearls and authenticate the different variety of pearls. In India we are the one of the best laboratory who properly define the different quality of pearls and authenticate with the proper certificate with photograph, weight, measurement chaw & seal. This will help a customer to proudly own pearls in the Jewellery.

We are into testing of pearls and our specialty is we simply test the pearls and we do not ask any question from where you got the pearl, what price you want to sale or bye or we do not hares the person who brings the pearl for testing. Our judgment and our certification is truly independent logical and verifiable.

We do not show pearls at one customer to other merchant or customer during testing. We test the goods by appointment so that no other person from market can see someone else’s goods. We test the pearl on the spot in the presence of owner and never keep pearls overnight with us.

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